Consisting of but not necessarily limited to: 2-Hose Fittings BL-06-06MOR , 4-Hose Fittings BL-08-08MOR, 5-Hose Fittings BL-10-10MOR, 5-Hose Fittings BL-12-12MOR, 5-Hose Fittings BL-6-6 MOR 45, 4-Hose Fittings BL-8-8 MOR45 , 4-Hose Fittings BL-10-10MOR45, 4-Hose Fittings BL-12-12MOR45, 4-Hose Fittings BL-6-6MOR90, 4-Hose Fittings BL-8-8MOR90, 1-Hose Fitting BL-10-10MOR90, 3-Hose Fittings BL-12-12MOR90, 4-Hose Fittings BL-6-6RM, 3-Hose Fittings BL-8-8RM, 5-Hose Fittings BL-10-10RM, 2-Hose Fittings BL-12-12RM , 5-Hose Fittings BL-6-6TF45T, 4-Hose Fittings BL-8-8TF45T, 3-Hose Fittings BL-10-10TH45T, 3-Hose Fittings BL-12-12TF45T, 2-Hose Fittings BL-6-6 TF90T, 1-Hose Fitting BL-8-8TF90T, 3-Hose Fittings BL-10-10TF90T, 3-Hose Fittings BL-12-12TF90T, 6-Hose Fittings BL-6-6TFS, 4-Hose Fittings BL-8-8TFS, 5-Hose Fittings BL-10-10TFS, 5-Hose Fittings BL-12-12TFS, 6-Hose Fittings BL-6-6TM45T, 6-Hose Fittings BL-8-8TM45T, 4-Hose Fittings BL-10-10TM45T, 3-Hose Fittings BL-12-12TM45T, 2-Hose Fittings BL-6-6TM90T, 1-Hose Fitting BL-10-10TM90T, 5-Hose Fittings BL-6-6TMS, 2-Hose Fittings BL-8-8TMS, 3-Hose Fittings BL-10-10TMS, 3-Hose Fittings BL-12-12TMS, 5-Hose Fittings F-KOMX4-14-W, 4-Hose Fittings F-KMOX-6-14, 2-Hose Fittings F-KMOX-6-18, 5-Hose Fittings F-KOMX-8-22, 3-Hose Fittings F-KMOX-12-30, 1-Hose Fitting F-KOMX-10-24, 2-Hose Fittings F-KOMX-16-33, 19-Hose Fittings FFX45-4-6, 5-Hose Fittings FFX45-6-6, 5-Hose Fittings FFX45-8-6, 4-Hose Fittings FFX45-8-8, 3-Hose Fittings FFX45-8-10, 7-Hose Fittings FFX45-8-12, 6-Hose Fittings FFX45-10-10, 2-Hose Fittings FFX45-10-12, 5-Hose Fittings FFX45-12-10, 4-Hose Fittings FFX45-8-8-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX45-10-12-W, 3-Hose Fittings FFX45-12-12-W, 5-Hose Fittings FFX45-12-16-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX45-16-16W, 2-Hose Fittings FFX45-16-20-W, 4-Hose Fittings FFX90-4-4-W, 6-Hose Fittings FFX90-4-6-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX90-6-6-W, 3-Hose Fittings FFX90-6-8-W, 2-Hose Fittings FFX90-8-8-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX90-8-10-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX90-8-12-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX90-10-12-W, 2-Hose Fittings FFX90-12-10-W, 2-Hose Fittings FFX90-12-12-W, 2-Hose Fittings FFX90-12-16-W, 5-Hose Fittings FFX90-16-16-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX90-16-20-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX-4-6, 8-Hose Fittings FFX-6-4-W, 2-Hose Fittings FFX-6-8-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX-8-6-W, 3-Hose Fittings FFX-8-12-W, 2-Hose Fittings FFX-10-8-W, 3-Hose Fittings FFX-10-12-W, 3-Hose Fittings FFX-12-16-W, 3-Hose Fittings FFX-16-16-W, 3-Hose Fittings FFX-16-20-W, 5-Hose Fittings FFX-20-20-W, 2-Hose Fittings FFX-20-24-W, 1-Hose Fitting FFX-24-24-W, 2-Hose Fittings MIX-4-4, 2-Hose Fittings MIX-4-5, 3-Hose Fittings MIX-4-6, 7-Hose Fittings MIX-6-5, 6-Hose Fittings MIX-6-6, 2-Hose Fittings MIX-6-7, 3-Hose Fittings MIX-6-8, 3-Hose Fittings MIX-8-8, 3-Hose Fittings MIX45-4-4, 3-Hose Fittings MIX45-4-5, 2-Hose Fittings MIX45-4-6, 3-Hose Fittings MIX90-4-4, 3-Hose Fittings MIX90-4-5, 4-Hose Fittings MIX90-4-6, 2-Hose Fittings MIX90-6-5, 2-Hose Fittings MIX90-6-6, 4-Hose Fittings MIX90-6-7, 3-Hose Fittings MIX90-8-8, 2-Hose Fittings F-BSPX90-4-4-W, 3-Hose Fittings F-BSPX90-6-6-W, 3-Hose Fittings F-BSPX90-8-8, 4-Hose Fittings F-BSPX-8-8-W, 3-Hose Fittings F-BSPX-6-6-W, 2-Hose Fittings F-BSPX45-8-8-W, 7-Hose Fittings MS-6-6, 3-Hose Fittings MS-12-12, 2-Hose Fittings MF-4-4-W, 3-Hose Fittings MF-4-6-W, 1-Hose Fitting MF6-6W, 4-Hose Fittings MF-8-6-W, 1-Hose Fitting MF-8-8-W, 2-Hose Fittings MF-8-10-W, 3-Hose Fittings MF-10-10-W, 1-Hose Fitting MF-8-12-W, 2-Hose Fittings MF-10-12-W, 4-Hose Fittings MF-12-12-W, 1-Hose Fitting MF-16-16W, 4-Hose Fittings C6290-12-12-W, 1-Hose Fitting C622-12-12-W, 1-Hose Fitting C6245-12-12.
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