Consisting of but not necessarily limited to: WITH FEED HOPPER: 30 in. dia. (est.) having Cone Type Hopper Bottom, Carbon Steel, with 8 in. dia. (est.) Discharge Piping and 8 in. Butterfly Valve Power Actuated, Remotely Controlled, Stainless Steel; WITH ACRISON, INC. TRIPLE AUGER / AGITATOR METERING, DISSIMILAR SPEED: BD 1.5 Stainless Steel Barrel, 12 in. dia. x 20 ft. long (est.) powered by 5 hp (est.) Electric Motor driving through Reduction Gear Box, MARS MINERALS Model 8D32, Pin Mixer and Feeder 8 in. dia. x 33 in. long Stainless Steel Barrel Center Shaft and Pins, powered by 20 hp (est.) Electric Motor, driving through a 2- V- Belt Pulley and Belt Drive with Safety Drive Guard; WITH GARDNER DENVER CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER: 261ABG1 PO14704 Powered by 1.5 hp Electric Motor, Unitized and Mounted on a Pressed Channel Steel Base having 4- Stock Foot Pads Vibration Insulation; The above 4- Items are mounted in a 14 ft. high x 62 in. wide x 11 ft. long (approx.) Fabricated Steel Skeleton Framework, 4 in. x 4 in. Carbon Steel having 2- Equipment Mezzanines, welded and bolted with necessary Utility Power Distribution and Instrumentation Wiring; WITH ELECTRICAL POWER COMMUNICATIONS AND CONTROL DISTRIBUTION CIRCUITRY: Consisting of but not necessarily limited to: Control Panel No. CBPP-1 having Jet Mill Differential Pressure Meter, VS Readouts for Feed Valve, DMP-8 Valve, Speed and Current, Blower Current, Start/Stop Switches for Power, Product Discharge Collector, Blower Pulse, UMP-8 Rotor, Jet Mill Air Compressor, Feed Rotary Valve, Emergency Stop; WITH CONTROL PANEL: No. CBPP-2, having Dust Collector, Pin Mixer and Feeder Controls and Read-Outs, Start/Stop Control; WITH ALLEN BRADLEY VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE: Power-Flex Auger No. 2- Controls.
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