DESK: 90 Unit having 2- 3 ft. long and 1- 4 ft. long Corner Unit. With CHAIR, SWIVEL Item # 795-0693-KN High Back. With BOOKCASE, WOOD 5- Shelf, 72 in. high x 30 in. wide. With HON FILE CABINET, VERTICAL 2- Drawer, Letter. With HEWLETT PACKARD OFFICEJET ALL-IN-ONE MACHINE 7310. With DESK 90 Unit, Double Pedestal, Wood. With 2- HON FILE CABINETS, LATERAL Each with 2- Drawers. With DELL COMPUTER: Dimension E150 Having Dell Flat Screen Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers. With CHAIR, SWIVEL High Back. With DESK 90 Unit, Double Pedestal, Wood; 1- Double Pedestal Desk, Metal. With HON FILE CABINET, VERTICAL 4- Drawer Letter, 36 in. long. With CHAIR, SWIVEL Mid-Height Back. With QUARTET DRY MARKER BOARD 3 ft. x 4 ft. Aluminum Frame. With QUARTET CORK BOARD 2 ft. x 3 ft. Plastic Frame. With CONFERENCE TABLE, WOOD: 4 ft. wide x 12 ft. long, Rounded at Each End, 2- End Mounting Pedestals. With 6- CHAIRS. SWIVEL High Back, Arm. With 2- BOOKCASES, WOOD 4- shelf, 5 ft. high x 3 ft. wide (approx.). With QUARTET DRY MARKER BOARD 5 ft. high x 6 ft. long having Wood Frame. With PLANT, DECORATIVE GREENERY IN POT, ARTIFICIAL: 1- 6 ft. high, 1- 15 in. high. With 5- AT&T TELEPHONES 4- Line, 4- are Model 955 and 1- is Model 974. With OFFICE BUILDING CONSISTING OF: 2- MODULAR BUILDINGS: 10 ft. wide x 33 ft. long, having 2- 15 ft. x 15 ft. Exterior Wood Decks with Perimeter Safety Railing, 1- is Equipped with ADA Ramp; 2- HVAC Units, 1- Located in Each Building. With MOTOROLA 2- WAY RADIO SYSTEM: Consisting of but not necessarily limited to: 1- Radius CM 200 Base Station with Exterior Pole Type Antenna, 3- Model HT750 Hand Sets.
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