4.25 MW / 4250 KW Solar Centaur Type H Gas Turbine Generator Set, Model #GS1-CU-KA, Assembly 2-46141, S/N: #HG92957, (Mfg. 1994) 28.9' Long x 8' Wide x 9' 3" tall approx., Estimated Hours 2,500-3,000 Hours, Full Acoustical Enclosure, Dual Fuel: Natural Gas or #2 Oil. Gas Turbine: SOLAR / CATERPILLAR- Model Centaur 50, Version: 5701, Engine ID: EH5701-59-DW, S/N: OHE10-H1460, Power 4138/4060 (G/L), NGP (RPM) 14951 60 HZ / 14944 50 HZ, IGV Setting: 8.0, T5 Base (G/L) 1297 F/1288 F, Setpoint Full Load (G/L) 1400 F/1400 F; T5 Comp. # 120902-18. GEAR UNIT: SOLAR TURBINES Gear Unit Assembly- Model- E136600-204-950, S/N: GBE10-63537, 1800 RPM; AC Generator: 4.25 MW KATO ENGINEERING Brushless Synchronous AC Generator Model #A255800000, Type 25580, S/N 99317-01, 3/60/2400/4160V, 737 Amp, Temp Rise 80 C, Design AMB 40 C, SOLAR P/N 190544-1, Catalog 4PT-3800; Lube Oil Booster Pump Skid: (2) VIKING Pumps Model- HJ4195 with 5 hp Electric Motors, 1,140RPM, 230/460V. Skid Mounted: 3' W x 6' H x 5' L. and (2) BRI Filters MAWP 250 psig @ 250 degrees F, MDMT -20 degrees F @ 250 psi, (Mfg. 1992); Combustor Housing P/N: E136231-300, S/N CECOO-73071. SOLAR / CATERPILLAR- Control Console Model- #GS1-C0, S/N HG92957, Assembly #CON46141, 240 Volts AC, 1 PH, 180 Hz, 5 Amps, Rating 24 Volts DC, 30 Amps. FUEL CONTROL VALVE: CONTINENTAL CONTROLS CORPORATION- Model- AGV 50-7 EP, S/N 1345, P/N 50200008-7, Calibrated for Centaur 50, (Mfg. 29 Aug 2016), Electrical Rating 24VDC 1.0AMP, Fuel Type Natural Gas 4,000BTU/SCFM, Temp. -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C, Max Pressure (PS) 500 psig (35 BAR). LUBE OIL COOLERS: (3) HAYDEN INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS- Model TT-318, Test Pressure 260psi P/N 024479-100 S/N's 11,997, 12,000, 12,002, (Mfg. 12/14/2010) with 5 hp Electric Motors 460/3/60 1,150RPM, (215T)(Mfg. 2010), Each with TEL-TRU Thermometer Glass Face Gauge 0-200 degrees F 40" Wide x 48" Tall x 70" Long (Total for 3). DONALDSON SELF CLEANING PULSE AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM- Model- OSM 42803009 / TTD 00-4019, S/N A6882, Mfg. 1994, Capacity, 30,000SCFM, Single Air Flow Direction, Element # P125744, Equipped with 2 Banks of Cylindrical Cartridge Filters and Air Powered Cleaning Wand/Nozzle with Flexible Hosing, Shipping Weight 5,500 lbs. With HUBBELL KILLARK Hazardous Location Outlet Type 4 Enclosure, Cat. No. SPM25025 XB-12245, S/N 34993. WELDRITE Mfg. C02 FIRE SUPPRESSION CYLINDER SYSTEM- (Mfg. 2007) SOLAR P/N 1070736-3A192, S/N 00534, Ambient Temp. Range 0-130 degrees F, CO2 Cylinder Pressure/Temp. 800 psi MAX / 70 degrees F, System Working Pressure 600 psi, Solenoid Operating Voltage and Power 24 VDC @ 33 Watts., Steel CO2 Tank Storage Cabinet, 11-FIKE CORPORATION Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Assembly Tanks, Assembly No. C70-075, S/N 0523593-2. GLOVER RESISTORS INC. NEUTRAL GROUNDING RESISTOR POST- Volts 8,000, Amps 400, Ohms 20.0, Duty 10 Second, Temp Rise 760 degrees C, DWG #NG080A400-GGG0A01K0, S/N 38507-2-1. FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM CONTROLLER-DET TRONICS FLAME DETECTION SYSTEM, 8 Zone Output Display Housed in a Metal Turbine System Control Cabinet with Allen Bradley PanelView Plus Automation Display Screen. KOCH MIST ELIMINATOR- Model- BD PRF MK III, Type 19 x 14, MOC 304 Stainless, SOLAR P/N 186146 2, with ENTEX FABRICATION INC. 232 Gal. Approx. Oil Tank. Design Pressure ATMOS psi at AMB degrees F, S/N 2879BBB (Mfg. 1992), Item Number 01, Est. WGT. 450 lbs. with VAREC 4" FLAME ARRESTOR- Model 3C-12, S/N A, For Use with Oil Storage Tanks 880L, Mounted on Elevated Steel Work Platform with Metal Climbing Ladder and 12' Long approx. Vertical Vent Pipe. Located Outside. METAL MEZZANINE CATWALK, INSPECTION PLATFORM WITH LADDER. Steel Construction with Steel Non-Slip Decking. (Unused Hand Rails are Located Outside, Adjacent to Shipping Container). INCLUDES ALL TURBINE RELATED DUCTING INSIDE AND OUTSIDE BUILDING. NOTE: BUYER RESPONSIBLE FOR REPAIRING ALL WALL AND ROOF PENETRATIONS WHERE EQUIPMENT WAS REMOVED. REPAIR MUST BE WEATHER TIGHT AND MADE WITH MATERIAL OF SIMILAR CONSTRUCTION.
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